Problem Definition:

A Customer has submitted Add/Remove Resource Pool Form from the CloudConnect Support Portal. The form opens a Ticket on behalf of the customer with the following information (or similar):


The customer would like to change the vCPU and vRAM allocation of the specified virtual machine. This iCCT Article explains the process.


A CloudConnect Resource Pool is an allocation of 6 GB of Memory and 2 CPU cores.Resource Pools are dedicated to a single virtual machine and cannot be shared by virtual machines.A customer requesting to Add 1 Resource Pool to a virtual machine means the customer would like to Add 6 GB of Memory and 2 CPU cores to the existing Virtual Machine configuration.The VMware vSphere Client expresses Memory and CPU in totality, therefore if the Virtual Machine’s preexisting configuration was 6 GB of Memory and 2 CPU cores, the Virtual Machine configuration should have 12 GB of Memory and a total number of cores of 4 once the Resource Pool has been added.

Unless Memory & CPU Hot Plug Mode have been enabled on the Virtual Machine, you will need to shut down the Virtual Machine in order to complete this task. You must therefore contact the Requestor of the Ticket and arrange a 10 minute service interruption in order to process this request.

Using your CloudConnect GATEWAY Account, access the VMware vSphere Client and locate and verify the Virtual Machine Configuration and Ownership in the vSphere Client.  For information on how to locate and verify a Customer’s Virtual Machine Configuration, see iCCT-201410142 – Locating and Verifying a Virtual Machine Configuration and Ownership in the vSphere Client.

After verifying the Virtual Machine Configuration and Ownership and obtaining Customer's permission, "Shutdown Guest."  Take note of the existing number of CPU and Memory allocation.  The Memory allocation is 6X the existing number of Resource Pools assigned.

Wait for the Guest to shut down.If the guest does not Shutdown within a reasonable amount of time, it may be necessary to use the “Power Off” command.”  Once you have confirmed guest shutdown, choose “Edit Settings”


In the Virtual Machine Properties Dialogue Box, change the Memory Size such that the total amount of Memory in GB equals 6X the total number of Resource Pools assigned to the virtual machine, in this case [two resource pools] x 6 = 12 GB Memory. Change the CPU allocation such that the "Total number of cores" equals 2X the Resource Pools assigned to the virtual machine (in this example, two resource pools x 2 = 4 CPU cores).  Note that the Customer's Service Request is Resource pools to add in addition to what is already existing.  In this example, the values represent a total of 2 Resource Pools assigned to the virtual machine upon completion of the service request.  Therefore the final values for Memory and CPU must include what is preexisting (1 Resource Pool) and what is to be added (1 additional Resource Pool) for a total of 2 Resource Pools (12 GB RAM, and 4 CPU cores).

IMPORTANT:  The "Number of virtual Sockets" should NEVER EXCEED 4 and the "Number of Cores per Socket" should NEVER EXCEED 2.  Therefore, the "Total Number of Cores" will never exceed 8, and the total number of resource pools will never exceed 4.  As a final check, the "Memory (edited)" should ALWAYS be equal to 3072 x "CPUs (edited)."

Power on the virtual machine.

Verify the VMware Tools are Running and the new Memory configuration equals the Memory Size and CPU configuration equals the Total number of cores.

 Additional Information:

For additional information on Resource Pools, including customer questions regarding Resource Pools, and how they translate into virtual machine CPU/Memory configuration/allocation, see CCT-201410101 – Understanding CloudConnect Resource Pools.

Applies To:

VMware vSphere Client 5.5