Problem Definition:

Virtual Machine names do not easily identify their Customer or MSP ownership.


The Virtual Machine naming convention is tailored for the CloudConnect billing and provisioning system. This article explains the significance and usefulness of the CloudConnect Virtual Machine naming convention.


CloudConnect Virtual Machine Names have the following Structure. The hyphens are strategically located to simplify search/identification:


The First Single Character (M): will generally be an M or an R.M corresponds to MSP Cloud (Multi-Tenant domain assigned to a single CloudConnect partner).R corresponds to a Private Domain (Domain Dedicated to a Single Tenant).

The Four Character Block (ACME): is unique to the Customer (i.e. Partner) who owns the Account and is principally responsible for the domain.

The First Character of the Two Character Block (S1): identifies the Virtual Machine Type.The following letters are currently used:

 S = Server (does not host user desktops but may host an application)

 H = Desktop Host (hosts multiple user desktops)

 D = Domain Controller (provides name resolution and authentication for the domain)

 R = Router (Provides Internet Access and VPN connectivity to the Virtual Machines within the domain, Citrix ICA connections do NOT flow through Customer Routers)

The Second Character of the Two Character Block and the Last Three Characters (1-234): correspond to the Virtual Machine’s Agent (Citrix) IP Address.Each virtual machine is dual-homed.The first virtual network adapter is reserved for customer use, the second virtual network adapter carries the Citrix ICA session, as well as other management services provided by CloudConnect.These digits are unique to each virtual machine.For example 2-236 corresponds to an Agent IP address of Agent IP Addresses are on the subnet.If the Virtual Machine is a Router, then the last four digits correspond to the Router’s DMZ IP Address.The CloudConnect DMZ utilizes a first of the last four digits is ambiguous.The last three digits identify the DMZ IP address, so -236 would equate to

Additional Information:

CloudConnect Virtual Machine Names also match the Virtual Machine’s NetBIOS Name. There are a few limited exceptions to this, namely Management Virtual Machines, and some legacy customers.

Applies To:

VMware vSphere Client 5.5