**Service Impacting Incident Alert**

Time of Incident:   November 8, 2018 10:19 AM E.S.T. (U.T.C. -5)


Status:   STABLE (under investigation)


Impact: Some Subscribers may have experienced a temporary loss of connectivity to Citrix desktops for a period of 10 minutes beginning at 10:19 AM EST today.


Description:  Root cause is currently under investigation.  Should the issue recur, additional updates will be posted here.

Update (11:58 AM EST):  Issue has been traced to Citrix NetSCaler firmware.  Diagnostic information has been collected and has been sent to Citrix Debug team for analysis.


Reference ID:   CC-20181108


Type of Event:    Service Impacting Incident


Ticket Status:   STABLE




Thank You for your Cooperation!