Problem Definition:

Zoom does not recognize a webcam over a Citrix connection to the Virtual Machine.



  1. Uninstall any Zoom software on the Virtual Machine.
  2. Visit on the Virtual Machine and download the latest Client package. Install this on the Virtual Machine
  3. On the local PC workstation visit again and download the latest Citrix Plugin.  Install this on the local PC workstation.

Additional Information:

The VDA on the Virtual Machine should be Citrix Apps & Desktops 1912 (our latest DesktopConfig), because the prior supported configuration doesn't support 64-bit applications using webcams.  The Citrix Workspace App on the local PC workstation should be the latest Citrix Workspace App, as Citrix Receiver does not support 64-bit applications using webcams.  Zoom is a 64-bit application.

Applies To:

Citrix Published Desktops on CloudConnect