Problem Definition:

When transferring a file or folder from a workstation to a CloudConnect Desktop using the Citrix client drive mapping feature, the file transfer becomes unresponsive or fails with a message similar to “Error: Cannot copy (file name):Invalid MS-DOS Function…”


At least one of the files being transferred is larger than 4 GB in size.


Individual files larger than 4 GB may not be transferred using the Citrix Client drive mapping, however a group of files or folders can exceed 4 GB in the aggregate. Large files in user profiles tend to be .pst files, which may be broken up into smaller parts.

Alternatively, use a third party data synchronization software, or request a VPN tunnel from CloudConnect to facilitate the transfer of individual files larger than 4 GB to CloudConnect.

Additional Information:

Adapted from CTX134844

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Applies To:

Microsoft Windows Desktop and Server Operating Systems XP/2003 and later

Citrix XenApp 6.5