Problem Definition:

This Article covers the definition of a CloudConnect Resource Pool, where they are required, and how they may be allocated to Organizations.


CloudConnect Resource Pools are similar to VMware Resource Pools, except they are not-expandable, and not distributable.


  • A CloudConnect Resource Pool is an allocation of processing power (CPU) and Memory (RAM).  In CloudConnect's datacenters, all CPU and RAM is virtualized from the underlying hardware.  Special algorithms are utilized to monitor the physical resources and guarantee the virtualized allocation of vCPU and RAM most closely resembles the same capabilities of their physical counterparts of similar allocations (GHz & GBs).

  • One CloudConnect Resource Pool is approximately 6 GHz of vCPU (2 x 2.9 GHz cores) and 6 GBs of vRAM. This ratio of vCPU to vRAM is optimal for most CloudConnect workloads.

  • A Virtual Machine (i.e. Domain Controller, Virtual Server, or Desktop Host) requires at least One Resource Pool in order to be provisioned or Powered On.

  • Powered-Off Virtual Machines do not accrue Resource Pool Charges if Powered-Off for the entire billing period.

  • A Resource Pool must be exclusively assigned to one Virtual Machine. Multiple Virtual Machines cannot share the same Resource Pool.

  • A maximum of 4 Resource Pools may be assigned to any single Virtual Machine. Under extraordinary circumstances, CloudConnect may assign more than 4 Resource Pools upon special request, however this configuration is not supported.

  • When sizing a Desktop Host, a good rule of thumb is 1 Resource Pool for every 8 concurrent users. This will vary based on user behavior and the applications installed.

  • The number of vCPU Cores and GBs of vRAM are visible in the Windows Task Manager of the Virtual Machine to which they are assigned.  To determine the number of Resource Pools a Virtual Machine is consuming, divide the total Memory by 6 or the number of cores by 2.  For Example, the following Virtual Machine has 2 Resource Pools Assigned (12 GB Memory and 4 cores):

Additional Information:

To change the Resource Pool Allocation for a Virtual Machine, complete the Resource Pool Allocation Request Form available on the CloudConnect Partner Portal.

Applies To:

Microsoft Windows Desktop Server 2008 R2 Standard

Citrix XenApp 6.5