Problem Definition:

When launching a CloudConnect Desktop, you are prompted to Open a downloaded (.ica) file from the Internet Explorer notification bar.  If you click Open, the desktop launches correctly, however this adds an additional step to the logon process.  You are using to launch the desktop.  Users may also be continuously prompted to install the Citrix ICA Client.


Enhanced restrictions on ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer 9 and above require a user to approve opening of .ica file downloads from


Add the URL to the “Local Intranet” Zone in Internet Explorer.  If you are using a branded gateway, add the URL of your branded gateway to the “Local Intranet” Zone.  To do this, complete the following steps:

From Internet Explorer, access “Internet Options.”


From the “Internet Options” dialogue box select the “Security” tab.Click “Local Intranet” and verify the “Security Level” for this zone is set to “Medium-Low.”Click “Sites.”


From the Dialogue Box, click “Advanced,” and finally add the URL to the websites list.Click “Close,” then “Okay,” then “Okay.”



Restart Internet Explorer.

Additional Information:

This KB Article does not apply to desktops launched via Citrix StoreFront and/or Citrix NetScaler.

Applies To:

Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9 and above

Citrix Web Interface 5.4 and Above