Problem Definition:

A user’s connection to a CloudConnect Desktop fails.  The Citrix Desktop Viewer displays the following message:


The user may not appear logged on in the Task Manager, or attempts to logoff the user from the Windows Task Manager on the desktop host do not resolve the issue.  There are no processes running in the Task Manager of the Desktop Host under the user’s account name.


The cause is unknown, but believed to be related to a deadlock situation in the csrss.exe process. The Microsoft Hotfix for this issue is not applicable to CloudConnect systems.


This issue is rare and may be resolved invasively by restarting/resetting the CloudConnect Desktop Host where the session is hosted.  However in larger environments, this may not be practical during production hours.  The following procedure is a workaround, which will clear the stale session.

Using your “support” account, access the Desktop Host where the user is attempting to connect.

Open a command prompt and type “query session” the command prompt returns a session ID for the affected user.  In this case, we will assume tuser2 is having the issue.  Take note of the user’s session ID, in this case it is Session 3:



Open the task manager, and select the processes tab



Select the “View” menu, then choose “Select Columns”



Check “Session ID”



Sort the processes by Session ID.  There are generally three processes of interest running in the session (in this case Session 3).  They are some combination of csrss.exe, winlogon.exe, and LogonUI.exe (not listed in this screenshot).  Under certain circumstances, there may be additional processes also running inside the Session ID, these will need to be terminated as well.  Note that all processes are running under the SYSTEM account, which is why they are not identifiable without knowing the Session ID.



Terminate all processes running inside the stale Session ID (generally these will be some combination of csrss.exe, winlogon.exe, LogonUI.exe).  CAUTION: These processes appear in each Session running on the Desktop Host. You must make sure the instances you terminate are running in the stale user’s Session ID (from the "query session" output).  Terminating these processes when running under a different Session ID than the one identified (in Step 1 above) can crash the Desktop Host.  Never end any process running with Session ID 0.  Session ID 0 is the computer account and terminating processes with a Session ID of 0 will crash the Desktop Host.  Do not end any process in any Session ID which triggers a message warning of a system crash.



 The affected user may now connect to their desktop

Additional Information:

Under certain conditions, the username may not show up when running "query session" above.  In this case, the session ID will most likely correspond to the only Session ID without a username associated with it within the "query session" output.  If you are still unsure of the identity of the correct session ID, you may also contact CloudConnect Technical Support and ask the Help Desk to lookup the user's session ID using the Citrix App Center.

Further information may be found .Please note the Hotfix offered is not applicable to CloudConnect.

Applies To:

Citrix XenApp 6.5

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