Problem Definition:

Using your “support” account you attempt to “Remote Control” or shadow a user from the Task Manager of the CloudConnect Desktop Host running the user’s session. The attempt fails with an error message similar to “Session remote control failed.”



The end user is running their session extended across more than one computer monitor.


Remote Control sessions from the task manager are limited to users running their sessions in a single monitor session only.  This is a Microsoft Windows Server limitation.Consider using Windows Remote Assistance or a third party screen sharing tool to initiate a desktop screen sharing session.

Additional Information:

CloudConnect generally recommends using a third party remote control software installed on the user’s local work station as the built-in remote control capability does not extend to the user’s work station.  Many times issues with peripheral devices are caused by a configuration problem on the user’s local workstation device.  Remote Control will not provide the visibility necessary to troubleshoot this type of problem.

Applies To:

Citrix XenApp 6.5

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2