Problem Definition:

You would like to establish a Site-to-Site VPN IPsec tunnel between a CloudConnect Org VDC Network and an external on on-premise network.



The attached document explains how using vCloud Director, you can create and manage a secure VPN/IPsec Site-to-Site tunnel between Org VDC Networks and on premise networks.  This is done using the Edge Gateway VPN configuration option.  The attached example document details the process of established a Site-to-Site VPN tunnel between a hypothetical Org VDC Network (i.e. a Customer's Cloud Network) and a physical office location.  The on-premise device in this example is a SonicWALL.

This procedure requires a working knowledge of VPN/IPsec.  You will also need to take note of your CloudConnect Public IP Addresses.  See CloudConnect Knowledge Base Article: CCT-2015-0817.

Additional Information:

If your infrastructure is NOT deployed on VMware vCloud Director, you may request a VPN Tunnel from CloudConnect directly.  For mspCloud see: Add a VPN mspCloud.  For Private Domain see: Add a VPN Private Domain

Applies To:

VMware vCloud Director

CloudConnect Infrasturcture as a Service.