** Completed Network Maintenance **


Maintenance Window Start: Tuesday March 22, 2016 2:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5)

Estimated Duration: 12 Hours


Impact: No downtime is expected, however the risk of downtime and potential data loss is significantly elevated during this maintenance window. It is recommended that users complete any critical work prior to the maintenance window.


Description: Datacenter Facilities provider (Boston) has scheduled Electrical Utility Maintenance, which will require that all CloudConnect equipment be single corded during the maintenance window (loss of power redundancy).  The platform will remain unaffected as power is distributed through redundant paths.  However, extended downtime and incremental data loss may occur if there is an unanticipated utility further equipment failure that affects the redundant path during the maintenance window.  CloudConnect has requested a change in the timing of this maintenance such that it does not overlap with production hours, however we have been unsuccessful in persuading the facilities provider to change the schedule.


Reference ID: CC-20160322

Additional Information: Please visit https://support.cloudconnect.net/support/home to view this and other Scheduled Network Maintenance and Service Impacting Incident Notifications and Updates.


Type of Event:Electrical Utility Maintenance


Important Notice to E-mail Recipients: Notice sent as a customer courtesy only and is not a service level agreement or other commitment.Please note that Service Impacting Incidents arising out of Scheduled Network Maintenance and/or occurring during the Scheduled Network Maintenance Window are not eligible for SLA Claims.


Thank You for your Cooperation!


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