*** Scheduled System Maintenance Notification ***

Maintenance Window Start:  Friday, December 7 2018 10:00 PM EDT (UTC -4)


Estimated Duration:  1 Hour

Description:  Users may experience intermittent loss of connectivity during the maintenance window. However, there is no risk of data loss and virtual machines will remain powered on -- users may reconnect and continue working where they left off.

Reference ID:  CC-20181207


Additional Information: We're going to be migrating hosts away from Cisco's N1000V to take advantage of native PVLAN support on recently installed switches and enable future upgrades. This process should take no more than an hour.

Important Notice:  This notice is sent as a courtesy only and is not a service level agreement or other commitment.  Please note that Service Impacting Incidents arising out of Scheduled Network Maintenance and/or occurring during the Scheduled Network Maintenance Window are not eligible for SLA Claims.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Network Operations Center

10 Tech Circle

Natick, MA 01760

(508) 651-3900 x1