Problem Definition:

If you are experiencing certain issues intermittent connectivity with a VPN, or if your Virtual Machine cannot access the internet, a low-risk troubleshooting option would be to redeploy the Edge Gateway of the affected VM.


Redeploying an Edge Gateway is a relatively low-risk troubleshooting step. Usually, the redeploy will only take about 2-3 minutes. You can find the steps on how to redeploy an Edge Gateway below.

Log in to your vCloud administrator instance through the HTML client. This can be done by navigating to[[YOURDOMAIN]].

Select Edges on the sidebar. 

From here, select the Edge Gateway you'd like to redeploy, and click "Redeploy"

Finally, click "OK" 

Congratulations, you're done! 

Additional Information:

If you're still experiencing issues after a redeploy, please submit a support ticket.