Problem Definition:

A virtual machine requires more resources to perform optimally. 


Whether this means more RAM, more storage, or more processing power, these resources can be added through a noninvasive process in vCloud Director.

    STEP 1: Power off the virtual machine

    (NOTE: Generally, it is best practice to create a power the virtual machine OFF before making any changes. However, if you strictly need to add storage space, this can be done without powering the machine off, and you may skip this step.)

        Locate the Virtual Datacenter that contains the VM you'd like to modify.

        Locate the Virtual Machine you're looking to modify, and select the "Actions" dropdown.

        From here, you can Power Off the virtual machine.

    STEP 2: Modify Resources

        Navigate to the Virtual Machine you'd like to modify, and select "Details"

            Select the "Hardware" tab

            From this tab, you can make changes to processing power, memory...

            ...and Storage.

        (NOTE: You will still have to mount any disks you attach to the Virtual Machine. You can do this through Disk Management, just as you might operate a non-virtual machine.)

Congratulations, you're done!