When attempting to edit a Virtual Machine's Hardware Configuration in Cloud Director, the data input validation fails with the error message "Error: 'DomainName' should not be provided when domain join is disabled."  A sample screenshot of the error is below.  In this example, the admin is attempting to edit the Virtual Machine's Memory Details.  However, this error may appear when attempting to edit other Virtual Machine Hardware properties such as CPU or Hard Disk.


First, edit the Virtual Machine's Guest Customization Properties by setting the following properties (you may leave any other properties' existing settings alone)

Enable Guest Customization - checked

Change SID - checked

Enable this VM to join a Domain - checked

Override Organization's Domain - selected

Click Save.  If the properties do not update and you are prompted to enter a domain name, username and/or password, supply that information and click Save again.

Next, re-open the same Guest Customization Properties again and set the following properties (leave any other property settings in their existing state)

Change SID - unchecked

Click Save.  You will now be able to edit the virtual machine's hardware properties.

Additional Information

In this situation, the Virtual Machine will not re-join to the domain if you choose "Power On and Force Customization."  This is generally the desired functionality since the Virtual Machine is already joined to the domain.  However, if you wish to re-join to the domain, then you will need to enable Change SID and Save.