Maintenance Event Start Time: Wednesday May 31, 2023 at 11:45 PM EST.

Duration: Approximately 2 Hours

Impact: During the maintenance window, virtual machines running on the CloudConnect Platform will remain running but will have intermittent internet access.  B
oth administrators and end users will not be able to access or manage the virtual machines.  Remote Management Agents installed on the virtual machines may report the virtual machines are unavailable, however the virtual machines are still operational and will be accessible immediately following the maintenance window.

Suggested Action: We suggest system administrators notify end users of the maintenance window, if they typically use these systems during these hours. Additionally, we suggest you notify other system administrators and appropriately configure any installed Remote Management Agents to suppress notifications during the maintenance window to avoid generating false alarms.

Reason: CloudConnect is transferring backbone routing to the new VMWare NSX-T software-defined routing platform.  Additionally, BGP routing will be implemented with upstream carriers to enable automatic failover to other carriers should an upstream carrier experience an outage.

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